Welcome to Flav Solutions

        Welcome to Flav Solutions! I'm redoing the site yet again because I decided I didn't like Wordpress! While Wordpress seemed a lot more intuitive and easier to set up pages and the like, it was missing a crucial part of some of the stuff I do. Such as emailing myself results from forms and the like. I was contemplating moving ForLoveOfPaws over to Wordpress because it was a bit easier to adjust a great many things and it seemed to have a lot more support and potential add-ons, the biggest problem with doing so is the lack of easily fixable emails from forms.

About Flav

        Hello, I'm Flavius of Flav Solutions and I am a programmer of sorts. Flav Solutions is my company that I do most of my programming and web design through. I have been at this for quite some time having managed a few websites prior to creating my own Flav.Solutions domain which I have revamped quite a few times. My main focus up until recently was to gain knowledge and experience so I have been hosting and managing http://www.forloveofpaws.org/ since I helped create it late 2015.